Products intended for the electronics industry are a very specific area of our Company’s activity.

These solutions are designed to meet very high technical standards as well as stringent safety standards.

The high requirements that must be met by these products are reflected in the complexity of production and processing.

Glass Service company has successfully faced these requirements for over a dozen years now.

The following materials, among others, are used in the production of electronics industry goods:
cellular rubber (EPDM), neoprene, Poron, usually coated with an adhesive of specific characteristics, as well as polyethylene (PE) foams and polyurethane (PU) foams.

Finished materials are characterized by sophisticated shapes and non-standard dimensions, as well as applications under specific conditions of use.

Ready solutions in the electronics sector are, among others, tapes used to protect printed circuit boards, seals protecting displays and precision electronics.

Elements made of PU and PE foams are used as packaging fillings protecting against moisture, dust and vibration during transportation and storage.