Making use of our experience gained while cooperating with top manufacturers in automotive industry as well as with top producers of electronics, household appliances, producers of glass and woodwork, we have created a group of products-solutions used as elements securing goods during transportation.

Due to the specific nature of every sector, the goods produced as well as method and possibility of transportation, each product must be approached individually, that is why we usually participate in the process of such solutions’ creation as soon as at the stage of their designing  using CAD software.

The materials usually used for such solutions manufacturing are:

  • PE foams
  • Primarily and secondarily foamed PU foams
  • EVA
  • PVC

Foams’ properties, and particularly their density, make it possible to select a foam appropriate for a given workpiece’s weight and the loads transferred.

These foams constitute a durable, weatherproof material, and if subjected to specialized treatment, the foams may be used for precise creation of effective security systems in transportation.

The typical elements we make are:

  • Positioners for logistics containers (boxes),
  • Positioning combs
  • Suitcases fillings/ inserts
  • Spacers

Upon request, the materials can be made with an adhesive layer, which facilitates their easy installation.