About the Company

Glass-Service company specializes in the production of cork pads used by glass industry manufacturers for glass transportation.

The company’s dynamic development started in 2004 when, thanks to our products’ high quality and wide product range, we gained our customers’ trust. 2004 is also the year when we started exporting our products to western European countries. At present our products are sold to countries such as Germany, Belgium, Sweden and France.

The company’s business profile includes the production of cork pads as well as sale and consulting in the field of adhesive technologies. We offer a wide range of products such as industrial tapes and adhesives. The high level of our services is guaranteed thanks to permanent contact with the world’s leading manufacturers.

Zespół Glass-service

Glass-Service is an authorized distributor or such well known companies as Scapa, Cyberbond and Ambersil.

Our rich offer reaches a wide group of customers and we strive to treat each of them individually.  It is possible thanks to the great attention Glass-Service pays to high quality service starting from technical advice on product selection  and finishing with the quality and timeliness of our deliveries.

Our company’s customers are:

  • mainly companies operating in automotive, construction, furniture sectors
  • heavy industry entities and household appliances’ manufacturers.
  • However, thanks to the wide product range and increasing popularity of adhesive technologies, our products reach almost every area of our lives.