ISO 9001

Aiming at continuous improvement of our goods’ and services’ quality, we have implemented a quality management system complying with EN ISO 9001: 2008 in respect of

Manufacture of cork products, tape converting and distribution of industrial goods.

The system’s proper functioning has been confirmed by certificate No. 75 100 30530 issued by TÜV Rheinland InterCert Kft. The certificate is valid until 24.10.2014

The top priority of Glass-Service Spółka z o.o. company is providing our Customers with high quality products and services in the industrial goods sector.

Thanks to continues improvement of the manufacturing processes, high flexibility in dealing with our business partners and careful selection of our suppliers, we constantly strive to modernize our products and widen our offer. Our concern for continuous improvement of standards can be seen both as regards management and our employees’ activities.

The quality objectives assumed:

  • Creation of a reliable business partner image
  • Constant modernization of technological processes and the products manufactured
  • Work on continuous improvement of the Quality Management System effectiveness

The quality policy adopted is implemented through:

  • Improvement of the Quality Management System and quality of the products offered
  • Constant monitoring of processes that guarantee high quality of the products supplied by ensuring appropriate quality of the processes’ individual elements
  • Customer satisfaction regular analysis
  • Cooperation with suppliers and joint determination to meet our Customers’ requirements, to the best interest of both the parties
  • I declare to be personally involved in the work on maintenance and continuous improvement of the QMS effectiveness and to allocate necessary resources for the adopted Quality Policy implementation.