AFT Tapes

Tapes made of foamed acrylic, have been designed to provide the best solutions for industrial applications. These tapes’ carrier is elastic and highly adhesive acrylic mass which absorbs and dampens vibrations, making it possible to assemble components of considerable weight.

Acrylic tapes of high strength are ideal for replacing mechanical fasteners, liquid adhesives, local welds or other permanent joints.
AFT acrylic tapes offered by Glass-Service form permanent bonding with various substrates, i.e. glass, plastic, wood, majority of metals, composite materials or varnished surfaces.
Based on thermal shock, these tapes may guarantee appropriate boding in temperatures below zero, neither do they absorb moisture nor crumble over time.

Advantages of using AFT tapes:

Quickly achieved high bond strength in the case of numerous types of substrates
Excellent long-term bonding
Excellent resistance to ageing and weather conditions
Excellent resistance to moisture and solvents
Very good anti-vibration properties
Adjusts to the substrate
Allows easy application even in the case of complicated shapes

Self-adhesive AFT tapes of  foamed acrylic are ideal for high-performance applications in a variety of industries.


Examples of industrial groups:

  • Advertising industry
  • Window industry
  • Marine structures
  • Automotive manufacturing
  • Semi-trailers mounting
  • Metal processing
  • Glass structures
  • Furniture industry
  • Plastic processing
  • Electronic industry.