Die-cut products

Irresective of your company profile or industry sector,
Glass Service offers reliable solutions used in the process of elements’ die cutting using Kiss Cut and Die Cut technologies.

Such products are mainly:

  • Seals,
  • Pads,
  • Spacers,
  • Badges’ fixing elements,
  • Insulation elements,
  • Protective and and soundproofing systems.

Trying to explain the difference between Kiss Cut and Die Cut versions, one may note that thickness of the workpieces made is the main parameter dividing them into:

  • Kiss Cut - approx. 15 cm thick tapes, felt, foams, it is an element cut to the protective layer (liner), usually in the form of a roll or sheet.
  • Die cut - all patters thicker than 15 cm, cut out in accordance with their specifications.

We use rotary and flat bed die-cutting, which allows for a very precise, reproducible and efficient production of both small runs and large serial batches.

The patterns we produce are usually made to meet special requirements of our customers’ applications and they can take into account conditions such as:

  • Material type,
  • Density,
  • Thickness,
  • Shape,
  • Adhesive layer,
  • Form of delivery.

Our knowledge, experience, products’ high quality and practically unlimited production capacity (as regards the material) have been appreciated by the biggest automotive and home appliances companies and that is why at present we are one of the biggest converting companies in Poland.

Most common production materials are:

  • PE foams,
  • PU foams,
  •  PUR foams,
  • EPDM,
  • Single- or double sided tapes,
  • Felt,
  • Fleece.

At your request, all the workpieces may be additionally coated with an adhesive layer, which facilitates and shortens the application time.

Kiss Cut technology products are usually delivered to our customers in the form of a roll or sheet, whereas Die Cut products are only individual workpieces in collective packagings.

Glass-Service has a modern machine park that is why we are able to meet any challenge in respect of technology, quantity and quality.