Double-sided and transfer tapes

Double-sided tapes are tapes where both sides of the carrier - usually PET film, PP film or nonwoven have been covered by adhesive, whereas a transfer tape (membrane) is a layer of adhesive of various thickness secured with a paper liner.

Double-sided tapes and transfer tapes (so called membranes) ensure durable and effective connection, fixing and bonding of the following materials (substrates):

  • paper
  • metal, aluminium
  • glass, ceramics
  • rubber
  • fabric
  • metal surfaces
  • UPVC, soft PVC
  • PE,PP
  • ABS,acrylic
  • polystyrene
  • polycarbonate

Double-sided tapes and transfer tapes are used in various applications, i.e.:

  • Flexible printed circuit boards’ attachment
  • Demanding bonding applications
  • Safety bonding applications
  • Name plates’ fixing
  • Insulation materials’ fixing
  • Sections’ fixing

Transfer tape’s another use is materials’ surface lamination. Various thickness adhesive membranes combine in a sustainable manner even with rough surfaces.

Adhesive membranes can be delivered in the following forms:

  • Rolls of predetermined width
  • Laminated stamped elements – Kiss cut and Die cut
  • Sheets