Duct tapes

DUCT fabric tapes

Over the years the wide range of waterproof and uncoated cloth tapes offered by Glass-Service has gained an excellent reputation due to its high quality.

The range of waterproof tapes includes tapes for general purpose applications and high-quality tapes for more demanding and specialized tasks.  Every type of fabric insulation is characterized by a different breaking force, adhesion and temperature range of its use.

Fabric tapes are characterized by:

  • elasticity and abrasion resistance
  • good adhesion to various surfaces
  • easy tear
  • easy unwinding
  • a wide range of colours

Thanks to all these features these tapes ate used in almost every industry for:

  • various type of materials’ glueing and bonding,
  • surface protection,
  • edge protection,
  • protection against injury, sealing,
  • masking,
  • decorating,
  • Packagings’ closing.