Foam tapes

The base used for these tapes’ production is polyethylene foam of various hardness properties. Depending on the tape’s version, it can be covered with adhesive either on one or both sides. Thanks to foam tapes’ properties - resistance to moisture, UV radiation and relatively high temperatures, they are often used in outdoor conditions.  These tapes’ additional advantage is the possibility to bond rough surface materials.

Single-sided tapes are often used as:

  • Vibration and noise damping,
  • Seals
  • Gaps’ filling.

Double-sided tapes are often used for:

  • Fixing objects to walls
  • Two various materials’ joining,
  • Sealing,
  • Gaps’ filling.

They are available in various formats:

  • Rolls,
  • Sheets,

 Dedicated patterns in shape and format, to meet all the customer requirements.